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November 8, 2009
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BABYLON 6 The New Generation by archangel72367 BABYLON 6 The New Generation by archangel72367
Work in progress. Needs more lighting and some aligning.
Possibly some rearranging, and throwing in a few fighters and or shuttles.

EAS TEMPEST, EAS Polaris Class Dreadnought TRITON, bcelestia.

EA Warlock Class Destroyer DAMOCLES Converted from an original Lightwave Model by Omar Chaudry

Built on the former site of the planet Z'ha'dum, The next Babylon Station, Babylon 6 is surrounded by the new generation of Earthforce ships built using Minbari and Human fused tech. Recent Improvements: most notably artificial gravity, beam weapons, and improved shielding.
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eadnams Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
I came across this in a google search. I designed it, a friend of mine in the B5 community modelled it, then I lit it.

We didn't win. A more Mimbari-asthetic model did. We were second place tho! :D
mikeman29 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
archangel72367 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ElectricARC Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
This picture plus Phoenix1701's crawler really makes me want to see and hear more.... Great work to both parties.
archangel72367 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you.  The Babylon 6 station was a fan contest back in the olden days, and most of the other ships were fan created.  All except the Warlock cruiser which was seen briefly in the 20th Anniv. video B5 Lost Tales.
Diakron79 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
This space station model, was this based on JMS' original 5-year draft for 'Babylon Prime'?
archangel72367 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This model was fan made for a contest I believe.  I don't know if it is based on any proposed design, or if the creator just came up with it on his own.
seventhfleet Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mind if I base Unity One on this design?
archangel72367 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I can't give you permission because it is not my model.  Otherwise I would say "no prob."
Phoenix1701 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
"I was there at the dawn of the Fourth Age of Mankind, twenty years after the Second Shadow War,more than ten years after the fall of Babylon 5.

In that year,a mysterious signal from what was apparently a previously unindentified sentient race was received....from somewhere outside our galaxy.Furthermore,excavations on long-dead worlds,combined with information taken from Shadow computers hint that this race once seeded this galaxy with life more than 6 billion years ago....and that at an appropriate time,THEY would come again. The New Babylon Project was swiftly incepted with the goal of identifying this mysterious race,to prepare for a peaceful reception and a New Golden Age-or the next Great War. The Finest minds from across the Interstellar Alliance,working together to uncover long-forgotten truths shielded by four million, eight-hundred thousand tons of spinning metal,led by EarthForce's first Minbari officer,all alone in the Eternal Night. The ancient secrets held here make this the Galaxy's most dangerous place, but it's THE last,best hope for peace,in a brand-new universe.

This is the story of what may be the Greatest of the mighty Babylon stations.

The year is 2298.

The name of the place is Babylon 6.

And who am I?

I am simply an Minbari orphan who because of her Human upbringing,finds herself where she last expected-or wanted-to be.

In the path of History...."
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